Re-engaging the Federal Workforce

10 steps to post-shutdown mission achievement


Now that the shutdown is over, the current political stalemate has caused the need for government leaders to quickly re-engage their workforce. According to the Partnership for Public Service, federal leaders were already managing a workforce with the lowest satisfaction and commitment scores in a decade. The continuing pay freezes, furloughs, and shutdown are factors that can contribute to continued low morale. Concurrently, these trends may lead to a dip in Federal mission performance where employee engagement is strongly linked to mission success.

Agency front-line leaders can re-engage workers by remembering that it is the small “moments that matter” that can make a lasting impact on employee engagement.  At Deloitte, our research shows that we are at our best when we recognize a moment for what it is (an opportunity to create an exceptional experience) and then consistently demonstrate a common set of 10 behaviors to make moments matter. We call these 10 behaviors moves, and they can be used one at a time or in combination.

  • Walk in their shoes
  • Show up
  • Tailor it
  • Change the lens
  • Bring a point of view
  • Work it together
  • Suspend self-interest
  • Own it
  • Say what no one else will
  • Up their game

When we treat moments as chances to create exceptional experiences, we start to see opportunities in the succession of everyday meetings, phone calls, and activities as well as in less common occurrences and tougher times. Making moments matter starts with recognizing the moments all around us – those we create and those we respond to. Making the right moves elevates an ordinary moment to a moment that matters.  Making moments matter yourself is great – enabling your team to do so is even better. The more people you teach, the more they teach. It’s contagious (in a good way). Download the brochure for more information on incorporating the ten moves into your leadership framework.

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Don't fake empathy - Really walk in your employee's shoes
10 steps for federal leaders after the shutdown

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