Energy Affordability

Election 2012 issues and insights


National leaders continue to grapple with what is arguably one of the United States’ most critical economic, national security, foreign policy and environmental issues—energy. How we produce it and how we consume it are key challenges—and opportunities. Through continuous research and development in new technologies, a long-term energy policy and smart investments, the U.S. could eventually achieve the goals of job creation and greater energy security and independence. The fundamental question Americans now face is: Can the U.S. capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity?

Featured insights

  • Made in America: The economic impact of LNG exports from the United States
    A report by the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions and Deloitte MarketPoint LLC that summarizes the findings of alternative scenarios regarding U.S. LNG exports and offers related strategic insights.
  • Deloitte reSources 2012 Study
    Plug into changing business and consumer attitudes and practices on energy to help make investment and business decisions.
  • Energy security: Alternative energy strategies of the Department of Defense
    Can the energy strategy of the Department of Defense potentially reduce costs and stabilize fuel access and security? Hear what our specialists General Charles F. Wald and KC Healy have to say.