Performance Ecosystems

A decision framework to take performance to the next level


While discussion of ecosystems may be a recent phenomenon, ecosystems are nothing new at all. Businesses are already in ecosystems today – whether by design or not. Yet for many, these ecosystems have evolved without much attention or planning. In order to succeed in today’s fast-changing business world, harnessing the power of ecosystems is critical. This release from Deloitte’s Center for the Edge seeks to help you, as an executive, take a more strategic approach to this increasingly important issue. In the process, you may find untapped opportunities to drive the performance of your existing ecosystems to new levels and perhaps even form some new ecosystems along the way.

Today’s technology enables companies to leverage their various environments, or ecosystems, to accelerate performance. This release highlights opportunities to generate value by expanding communications, access, and ecosystems members’ participation -- opportunities that emerge from looking beyond traditional boundaries.

In this paper, four different structures of ecosystems have been identified and characterized along with six key management practices that can improve performance via ecosystems. These management practices advocate nurturing relations with surrounding ecosystems, using proactive and dynamic management approaches to relax stiff controls and to broaden the view to include outside sources of value. The ultimate objective is to migrate from the current method of aggregating and coordinating existing resources to promoting acceleration of participants’ performance, even when these participants reside in external ecosystems.

Through a more systematic development of a set of ecosystem management practices and by evolving to higher performing dynamic ecosystems, executives can accelerate participant performance improvement and generate greater value for the individual company and ecosystem as a whole.