The Risk Intelligent CIO: Becoming a Front-Line IT Leader in a Risky World

Issue No. 6 in the Risk Intelligence Series


The responsibilities facing today’s chief information officer (CIO) are more demanding than ever, and CIOs are increasingly aware that informaton technology (IT)-related problems can come at a staggering cost to their organization’s bottom line and reputation. Perceptive CIOs realize that simply managing technology risks — however effectively they do so — is insufficient. They understand the imperative to exploit technology to manage risk across the entire enterprise, not merely within the IT department.

With heightened sensitivities around the issue of risk management, CIOs and IT professionals face both challenges and opportunities to attain a higher level of risk management, operational excellence and competitive advantage.

The sixth title in our series on risk intelligence provides IT executives with practical guidance on how to leverage technology to intelligently manage the risks they face across the enterprise.

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