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“To learn means to discover what you already know. To do means to demonstrate that you know what you do”

Richard Bach


We are delighted to welcome you to our Academy page! And we are happy that you are curious and are seeking to find your path to acquire new knowledge and skills. We also constantly search for new ideas, methods, formats, and solutions as only when you learn you continue improving your skills and only when you learn you are allowed to teach others.

We believe that:

  • The goal of learning is to learn to get along without a teacher. (Elbert Green Habbard)
  • When learning, examples are more useful than rules. (Isaac Newton)
  • To digest knowledge you need to eagerly absorb it. (Anatole France)
  • A bad teacher presents, an average – explains, a good – demonstrates, an excellent – involves. (Ravil Aleev)

This is the reason why we proactively involve our audience into the learning process in our training sessions, we move from practice to theory, offer tools that we ourselves use and form skills that you will be able to use in your day-to-day activities.

 If you share our vision, please join us! We will be happy to share our knowledge and skills with you.