Manufacturing is fundamental to economies around the world.

Over the past 20 years, both the Turkish economy and the manufacturing sector have 
undergone dramatic changes as the Turkish economy embarked upon its integration 
with the global economy. Today’s manufacturing sector encompasses various phases 
ranging from product manufacturing to provision of services. Having a proper understanding 
of the scale of the manufacturing sector is vital for the implementation of policies that 
will increase quality of life standards and competitiveness in the long run.

At Deloitte, approximately 2,000 partners and 13,000 employees serve clients globally in 
more than 45 countries in all aspects of the manufacturing industry, including aerospace 
and defense, automotive, chemicals, metals, and industrial products. We serve 80% of the 
leading manufacturing firms, 85% of the automotive firms, 80% of aerospace and defense 
firms, 80% of industrial product and service providers, and 75% of chemical and metal 
manufacturers in the Fortune 500.

At Deloitte, our network of professionals is experienced in serving our client’s 
manufacturing operations and we also closely monitor global markets. We observe and 
analyze the latest technological developments in the manufacturing sector, market trends, 
and sector-specific financial issues and we bring a world of knowledge to our clients and 
provide them services tailored to their needs. Our reach is global, yet our presence is local, 
in the marketplace of our clients; by understanding their way of doing business, we provide our 
clients with services in tax, audit, enterprise risk, consulting, and corporate finance.

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