Statement of environmental policy

An environmental friendly organisation


One of Deloitte's global principles is to protect the environment. In 2008 Deloitte in the Czech and Slovak Republics decided to improve its focus on environmental aspects and to become a firm with a strong commitment to environmental protection. To prove our passion for environmental matters we successfully obtained the ISO Certificate 14001 for the Environmental Management System in May 2008. Currently all staff and management have been informed of and have joined the effort to protect the environment.

Our strategy in environmental issues is to focus on and improve the following areas:

  1. Passion for environmental matters, which means:
    • Behave in an environmentally friendly manner, not only at Deloitte's premises, but also at the premises of our clients
    • Adhere to measures which impeed environmental pollution and promote environmental protection on an ongoing basis
    • Fullfil all environmental legislation requirements
    • Separate waste thoroughly and consistently
    • Economise resources (water and electricity)
    • Check emissions of company cars and/or cars used for business on a regular basis
    • Seek opportunities to improve environmental protection
  2. Have informed and educated employees/subcontractors in the environmental issues

    To ensure our employees/subcontractors are informed and educated in environmental issues, we will:

    • Inform via internal campaigns, memorandums, informing e-mails etc.
    • Educate via internal trainings
    • Support activities in the area of environmental protection among employees
  3. To be known as an environmentally-friendly organisation
    • Strengthen Deloitte's media perception as a “company that cares about protecting the environment”
    • Propagate the ideas of environmental protection via Deloitte staff
    • Publicly present compliance with requirements under ISO 14001, which will demonstrate our interest in environmental issues