Litigation support

As effective dispute consulting professionals, we seek to understand the unique aspects, underlying issues and facts of each case to accurately address them.

We assist the resolution of disputes in areas of:

  • Bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Contracts
  • Employment
  • Shareholdings
  • Tax
  • Transactions
  • Valuations
  • Quantum of losses

We have extensive experience with issues such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Buy-sell valuation
  • Expert witness
  • Insolvency litigation
  • Intellectual property and patent infringement
  • Property litigation
  • Purchase price disputes
  • Trusteeship

Our expert witness services include:

  • Investigation
  • Reporting
  • Testimony
  • Review and rebuttal

Our analytical and forensic technology expertise goes further to provide our clients with the latest technological services such as computer forensics, data analytics, data visualization and e-Discovery. Deloitte’s proprietary tools and software along with our dedicated and experienced staff, positions us as the leading provider in the field of forensic investigations globally.

Deloitte offers the following Analytical and Forensic Technology services associated with litigation support services:

  • Hard drive imaging and analysis
  • Data recovery
  • Data analytics
  • e-Discovery
  • Data visualisation