Business intelligence services

Working with other Deloitte member firms, Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Business Intelligence Services looks for comprehensive information regarding the background, integrity and reputation of selected individuals and entities on a local, regional and global basis in a variety of contexts.

Investigative due diligence
Pre-transaction investigation of companies and executives is an essential business practice in the due diligence process. Businesses considering mergers, acquisitions or investments need fast and accurate information regarding the background of all parties involved, along with the risks that they may present.

Litigation intelligence
As part of our litigation support services, we assist clients by investigating opposing parties; finding facts relevant to claims and defences; and identifying and locating witnesses. Such critical information can affect litigation strategy and the scope of the litigation.

Fraud investigations intelligence
If fraud is suspected, companies often require in-depth background investigations to unravel the problem. Our team performs background investigations of parties suspected of wrongdoing, searches for conflicts of interest and undisclosed business affiliations. We seek to uncover direct and circumstantial evidence of fraud, as well as any prior financial, legal, regulatory or criminal problems, or links to organized crime. When appropriate, we apply link analysis software to visually demonstrate the relationships between individuals and entities, or the flow of misappropriated funds.

“Know your customer” and enhanced due diligence
Working closely with our team of Anti Money Laundering experts, we assist clients in their efforts to increase their awareness and understanding of their customer base as part of either their risk management process or as compliance with regulatory requirements.

Employee screening
Using a variety of techniques, we assist clients in probing a candidate’s resume and background to avoid the hiring, appointment or association of a dishonest, fraudulent or undesirable employee. We also can assist in probity interviews of selected candidates.