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Deloitte Analytics Labs

The Deloitte Analytics Institute regularly works with executive teams and data analysts to develop a shared vision for competing on analytics. Through expert-led facilitation, teams discuss practical opportunities and approaches to gain actionable insight, and chart a path to jump-start or accelerate analytics initiatives. The result is a roadmap of key steps to address specific challenges or opportunities, complete with detailed recommendations from Deloitte’s subject matter experts on potential opportunities to leapfrog earlier stages of development on the path to high performance.

Core to a lab session is rich, ever-changing content - not delivered, but actively experienced, in an intensive, hands-on session. Cutting-edge content comes to life through dialogue, interactive exercises, and shared stories. Moderated discussions, space that sparks curiosity, and tools that catalyse conversations come together to create an environment in which participants confidently chart a bold future.

You know you compete on analytics when:

  1. You apply sophisticated information systems and rigorous analysis not only to your core capability but also to a range of functions as varied as marketing and human resources.
  2. Your senior executive team not only recognises the importance of analytics capabilities but also makes their development and maintenance a primary focus.
  3. You treat fact-based decision making not only as a best practice but also as a part of the culture that is constantly emphasised and communicated by senior executives.
  4. You hire not only people with analytical skills but a lot of people with the very best analytical skills—and consider them a key to your success.
  5. You not only employ analytics in almost every function and department but also consider it so strategically important that you manage it at the enterprise level.
  6. You not only are expert at number crunching but also invent proprietary metrics for use in key business processes.
  7. You not only use copious data and in-house analysis but also share them with customers and suppliers.
  8. You not only avidly consume data but also seize every opportunity to generate information, creating a “test and learn” culture based on numerous small experiments.
  9. You not only have committed to competing on analytics but also have been building your capabilities for several years.
  10. You not only emphasise the importance of analytics internally but also make quantitative capabilities part of your company’s story, to be shared in the annual report and in discussions with financial analysts.

“I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you again for organising the site visit we had in Singapore. Every one of us found something that we could take away from (the lab session), and that says a lot about the level of preparation and thought that was put into those sittings.”

- HR & Workforce Analytics Lead at a large Malaysian state-linked conglomerate.

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