Non-profit organisations

leavesBy non-profit organisations ( NPO), we mean all organisations operating on a non-profit basis, that is, they do not distribute profit and usually are governed by a voluntary board. 

With the increasing trend of governments divesting itself of the social services it provides, NPOs are evolving into more commercial and innovative organisations to meet society’s demands.

In Singapore, we are practiced in dealing with the specialist needs of NPOs given our breadth of experience with professional bodies, higher education institutions, and charitable organisations. However, each of these NPOs requires specific expertise based on their differing activities, culture, or specific legislation. We have an acute understanding of the special ethos of NPOs, their structure and culture.

While the non-profit sector has special characteristics and requirements, there are also some inherent similarities with respect to the issues they face in common with businesses operating for profit. Hence, our multi-disciplinary services encompass: 

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Governance reviews
  • Performance measurement
  • Strategic planning, monitoring, effectiveness and quality reviews
  • Financial management, budgetary control and feasibility studies
  • Presentation of accounts and reports