Life Sciences & Health Care

Shifting demographics. Shrinking margins. Evolving regulations. Rising R&D costs. There is little doubt that life sciences and healthcare companies face a significant range of challenges for the years ahead. To adapt effectively, these organisations must re-examine their underlying operational strategies and refine their business models.

With experience in working with life sciences and healthcare companies to navigate multiple complex regulatory and financial ecosystems and optimise marketing and distribution channels, Deloitte’s professionals are able to help our clients improve their business processes and achieve effective compliance in order to strengthen both patient care and stakeholder value.

Featured insights

  • 2014 Global health care outlook
    The global health care industry is undergoing a period of “glocalization,” a term that combines “globalization” and “localization” to describe the adaptation of global products or services to accommodate the needs of people in a specific locale.
  • 2014 Global life sciences outlook
    Despite heightened regulatory scrutiny, continued pricing pressures and another year of impacts from health care reform in many countries, the global life sciences sector is exhibiting resilience and reinvention.
  • Healthcare 3.0: Healthcare for the new normal
    The human body is a complex system which owes its continued survival to the fact that individual component organs are simultaneously working independently, and yet in unison in a fully integrated and synergistic manner within a self-regulated environment. Deloitte draws a parallel to this metaphor to illustrate key areas within the Healthcare 3.0 model and provide insights on the future and evolving state of healthcare.