2009 Russian Oil & Gas Outlook Survey

Deloitte survey


Deloitte CIS presents the results of its regular Oil and Gas CEO Survey, conducted between September and November 2008.

Crucially, the survey this year was performed in the context of some major macroeconomic shifts. Oil prices fell nearly three times, the dollar rate started to go up, and the state is becoming more and more active in assisting companies. Furthermore, while Russian oil and gas giants demonstrated good financial results for the first nine months, nearly all of them announced plans to review their investment projects. Our survey represents the CEO outlook on the industry and the main issues that oil and gas companies will face in the near future.

We interviewed managers of companies operating in hydrocarbon exploration, production and processing markets in Russia. Our survey included representatives of both large Russian companies and vertically-integrated multinationals, as well as independent small and medium-sized market players. We also talked to the managers of Russian state, private and public oil and gas companies.

We hope that the survey results will be of interest to all specialists, associated with the industry.

To view the full results of the survey please see the attached PDF file.

Deloitte Image The results 2008 Russian Oil & Gas Outlook Survey.

Deloitte Image The results 2007 Russian Oil & Gas Outlook Survey.

We are extremely grateful to all those who contributed, and hope that 2009 will usher in a new and more optimistic era!

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