Culture and beliefs

Our Vision

To be the standard of excellence

Our vision to be the standard of excellence is realized by being highly respected by our broad community of stakeholders, and by being:

  • The First Choice of the world’s most sought-after talent, drawn by our eminence, culture and diversity
  • The First Choice of the most sought-after clients, attracted by the breadth and depth of our world-class service in each market segment

 To achieve this we practice anticipation, pragmatism and relentlessness in everything we do. Anticipation involves having a clear ambition and a sense of what is possible. Leveraging our vast experience and knowledge across industries, sectors and geographies, we anticipate scenarios and their implications before they arise, giving us the insight to discern between what matters, and what does not.

Pragmatism is about having a practical plan and knowing how it will be achieved. We take a sleeves-rolled-up approach to situations and place high importance on the ability to implement the things that we recommend. We aim to make a positive difference through actions not just words.

Relentlessness is the tireless and endless pursuit of our vision – never standing still. We are relentless in our pursuit of goals, never giving up on an ambition, and striving to surmount the obstacles in our way.

By demonstrating the characteristics of Anticipation, Pragmatism, and Relentlessness in everything we do – across our key pillars of clients, talent, organization and society, we strive to be always one step ahead. Aligned with our shared values, these qualities drive us towards our vision.

Our Shared Values

The shared values of Deloitte’s member firms bind our people together and promote trust among partners and professionals, allowing them and their member firms to enhance the confidence of the capital markets. These values join together all employees across different cultures, customs and languages and are the foundation for collective successes.

The shared values are:
  • Integrity 
  • Outstanding value to markets and clients
  • Commitment to each other 
  • Strength from cultural diversity

Client Services

We want Deloitte to be recognized in the marketplace for quality in everything we do:

  • Quality and efficiency of delivery 
  • Integrity, and our robust and independent approach 
  • Innovation combined with propriety


We believe that exceptional client service can only be delivered by exceptional people. We bring together people from different academic, career and personal backgrounds, all with either a background in the Middle East or a knowledge of the region.

Our professionals speak the proper language, not only of the country, but of auditing, accounting, tax, industry, management consultancy and all the other services we offer to our clients.

Our collaborative, people-focused culture encourages mutual respect, open communications and a continual process of learning.

We are the employer of choice for top talent, attracting and retaining the most able people in our profession.