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  • Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014
    This 2014 report focuses on five of the primary challenges impacting the oil and gas sector globally, and provides our view of the direction which these trends will follow.
  • Naturally resourceful
    A guide to Deloitte's global oil and gas resources and services
  • Global Oil & Gas Tax newsletter – January 2014
    Deloitte's quarterly Global Oil & Gas Tax Newsletter highlights tax developments across the globe
  • Tracking the trends 2014
    Ongoing market volatitility will force mining companies to change the way they do business. Discover leading-edge perspectives on today’s mining issues.
  • Who goes there: friend or foe?
    In his enlightening article on Gas, Russia and the Middle East, Who goes there, friend or foe? Kenneth McKellar points to the difficulties the two energy powers have in forging a strong partnership despite the complementary aspects of their respective gas businesses.
  • Key components of an oil and gas governance framework
    A governance framework that provides transparency and evokes confidence in the controls instituted across the NOC will provide benefits across the spectrum
  • Alternative thinking 2013
    This report aims to identify for developers, investors, and policy-makers a few of the important current trends and opportunities in renewable energy, point out where significant barriers to progress lie, and suggest strategies for dealing with them.
  • Deloitte reSources 2013 study
    The third annual Deloitte reSources Study illuminates the mindsets and behaviors of electricity customers and provides insights that can be useful in helping energy companies and businesses make energy-related investment and business decisions.
  • Global Oil & Gas Tax newsletter – July 2013
    UK tax incentives extended to R&D activities and income derived from intellectual property; new incentives may apply to the oil and gas industry.
  • Renewable energies: a reality, not just an idea
    Recent discoveries of oil and gas fields in areas deemed as unconventional - such as the Mediterranean coast for example -have added impetus to the energy sector. However, traditional energy resources remain both, depleting and polluting and new sources of power generation that already exist, must be further developed. Alternative energy sources such as nuclear and renewable energies are the two probable solutions to our increasing energy needs.
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