Technology, Media and Telecommunication

Majority of our consultants has either deep knowledge of the industry or are very familiar with the telecommunication business. At Deloitte, we understand the critical issues that are driving growth and competition in this industry, where determining the present and future role on the market, understanding customers and availing oneself of the opportunities created by e.g. broadband access and technological advances or pro-active approach to regulatory changes are among key elements which bring the success for companies in the fast-changing business environment. Through analyzing Polish and global trends, Deloitte helps its clients to make right decisions with reference to constantly changing market challenges and provides a broad range of consulting services, including:

Strategy and Operations

  • strategic management,
  • business development, including developing new business models, managing services portfolio, creating partnerships,
  • organisational solutions,
  • M&A support and corporate restructuring,
  • change enablement,
  • developing, articulating and communicating CRM strategy,
  • measuring customer asset value,
  • operational CRM,
  • multi-channel integration,
  • anticipatory CRM,
  • organisation of marketing, sales and customer care functions,
  • implementing technology - the enabling infrastructure.

Finance Transformation

  • performance management and budgeting,
  • activity-based costing and management, including regulatory and managerial costing solutions,
  • profit Improvement and cost cutting,
  • excellence in finance processes,
  • resource and process optimization, including procurement and supply chain.

Regulatory Consulting

  • regulatory strategies (wholesale and retail tariff development, cost-orientation, reference offers, carrier selection, number portability, local loop unbundling, universal service obligation),
  • regulations management,
  • development of financial models supporting tariff formulation,
  • design and implementation of regulatory costing systems (FDC, LRIC),
  • support in negotiations with regulatory authorities.

Revenue Assurance

  • analyses of revenue leakage and implementation of revenue assurance function,
  • tariff optimization and tariff strategy formulation,
  • design and enhancement of product development and maintenance processes,
  • design and enhancement of service activation processes,
  • improvement of invoicing and cash collection processes,
  • fraud management.

Technology Integration

  • systems review and selection (billing, network asset management, CRM, ERP),
  • revenues assurance,
  • IT risk management,
  • organisation and operations of IT functions,
  • change enablement in IT environment,
  • IT project management support,
  • design of ERP business architecture,
  • design of business and technical architecture for analytical systems and their integration with other corporate systems,
  • design and implementation of planning/budgeting/reporting systems,
  • design and implementation of advanced telecom costing systems,
  • design and implementation of business intelligence systems.