Governance, risk management and compliance

Increasingly, many organisations are realizing the need to address the business risks that threaten strategic objectives around growth and profitability. At the same time, executives recognize the importance of implementing good governance practices to facilitate compliance with challenging and changing regulations. We provide consultative services to organizations and their boards that are designed to enhance effective management of their business, technology and financial risks on a sustained basis. We assist organizations in enterprise-wide risk assessment and help develop a sustainable compliance and risk management program by helping organizations coordinate the utilization of people, process and technology to improve effectiveness and help manage costs.

The risk intelligent enterprise

From market volatility and regulatory compliance to human nature and technology, the exposure to uncertainty is embedded in everything we do. It is a risk intelligent organisation’s proactive approach to identifying, understanding and effectively managing risk that makes the difference between creating opportunity and value, and jeopardising success.

Today, more than ever, being a risk intelligent organisation is of paramount importance. The stakes are high and losses can be catastrophic. Shareholders and regulators are demanding that senior executives and board members have control and understanding of risks affecting the whole of business operations including strategic, operational, reporting and compliance.

We can help you:

Our team can work with you at all levels of the organisation to anticipate, understand and manage your strategic, operational, reporting and compliance risks. Using proven methodologies, enabling frameworks and experienced risk management professionals, we can help you enhance your risk management capabilities with:

  • Advice on integrating governance, risk management and compliance requirements
  • Execution of a risk management diagnostic to assess the state of risk management within your organisation
  • Execution of a risk assessment designed to identify and prioritise your business risks and create a customised common language of risk terms and definitions
  • Help in determining appropriate risk management strategies


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