Enterprise Information Management & Analytics (EIM & A)

Creating actionable insights through information at your fingertips.

Information is at the heart of modern business, stored in countless documents, databases, spreadsheets and applications. Whether the information is structured (e.g. in databases or data marts), unstructured (e.g. in document management systems or shared drives) or semi structured (e.g. in e-mails, portals or social networking sites), the sheer volume of information has seen massive increases in recent years. The resulting data explosion and information overload, makes it difficult for businesses to abstract meaningful signals from all that noise.

If leveraged correctly, information can be one of your organisation's most valuable assets. At Deloitte, our information management experts make a difference to our clients by helping them design, develop and implement information management strategies and solutions.

The disciplines of Enterprise Information Management & Analytics (EIM & A) revolve around bringing a practical, multi-faceted approach to information management, that helps bring order to chaos and that helps organizations “monetize” their information assets in tangible ways.

We provide advisory and implementation services to help clients with:
  • Information strategy and governance – Plot the Path
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing – Create Insights
  • Enterprise data management - Connect the Dots
  • Enterprise performance management – Make it Stick
  • Enterprise content management – Find and Publish
  • Advanced Data Analytics – Discover and Refine