Sound infrastructure forms the backbone of all developed economies. New Zealand has fallen behind its peers and is now gearing up for major investment in every area of its infrastructure sector. Getting it right is going to take effective project development, delivery, risk management and partnering between the government and private infrastructure providers.

The government faces challenges of not only raising substantial amounts of capital to fund investment, but also developing models to enhance value for money. However, it also has the opportunity to harness the skills and expertise of the private sector to deliver enhanced value and improved delivery of assets and services.

How we can help

We have worked across every part of the infrastructure sector in New Zealand and understand the challenges facing the government and the private sector as owners, service providers and operators. Whether you are a government organisation or in the private sector we can help you realise the full value of infrastructure investments through:

  • Project feasibility assessment and financial analysis
  • Project performance management and measurement
  • Advice to public and private sectors on partnership arrangements and project delivery


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