Continuing change and market deregulation are transforming energy companies from regulated monopolies into market driven suppliers of competitively priced energy and related services. However, global markets for fuel, climate change and the government’s policy responses amidst an ever more integrated global market are creating uncertainty for the energy market.

Successful energy companies must be adaptable, flexible and able to respond to both local and global regulatory and market developments.  Government utilities and private power companies need skills and tools to address the challenges of changing market and economic conditions, while managing the delivery of their energy services to customers at a fair price.

The Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards provide an annual opportunity to recognise excellence and achievement across the electricity, oil, gas and petroleum industries.  

Deloitte Energy excellence awards: Shell takes premier title
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How we can help you

Using our sound understanding of energy asset management and regulatory developments, we’ll work with you to anticipate and respond to change by helping you:

  • Develop flexible growth strategies
  • Improve your operational excellence
  • Achieve economies of scale through acquisition and organic growth
  • Gather and analyse information to drive better financial performance


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