Deloitte has considerable experience in applying its consulting, management advisory and accounting services to the tertiary education sector. Our professional expertise, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the sector, make us uniquely placed to meet the challenges facing tertiary education and the institutions and organisations in the sector. These challenges include:

  • Increased student, business and government demands for quality and accountability
  • Obtaining debt funding for new capital (building and equipment) and programme developments
  • Increasing reliance on non-government funding
  • Increasing level of commercial investment in tertiary level education
  • Emergence of global excellence as a benchmark for performance
  • Enhancing management and governance capability
  • Greater use of technology for teaching delivery
  • Improving operating efficiency and better use of limited resources
  • Increased fragmentation of funding sources
  • Alliances to obtain economies and to improve quality

These challenges are occurring within a tertiary education landscape which will be increasingly shaped by the Government Tertiary Education Strategy and the annual Statements of Tertiary Education Priorities.

International experience

Deloitte has extensive experience working with tertiary education institutions in a number of overseas countries.

In the UK, Deloitte:

  • Has undertaken policy and strategic reviews for funding authorities, local authorities and tertiary education institutions
  • Is internal or external auditor for 30+ universities and 150+ other tertiary education institutions
  • Has led multi-disciplinary feasibility studies of proposals for establishing new campuses
  • Is responsible for a number of projects to improve the operations and business management of tertiary education institutions

In the USA, Deloitte:

  • Has provided management advisory, auditing and accounting services to 200+ universities, colleges and professional schools
  • Is auditor to a number of large public university systems
  • Has undertaken a wide range of projects for information systems and technology
  • Has achieved improved cost control and financial performance in universities and colleges
  • Has reviewed personnel and staffing requirements
  • Has completed a large number of business process and operational performance projects

In Australia, Deloitte:

  • Has implemented financial and human resource/payroll systems
  • Is outsourced IT auditor
  • Has revised financial performance and tertiary education institutions
  • Has re-engineered internal audit department
  • Is engaged in a three stage programme of reviewing IT systems, integrity and security

This experience gives Deloitte in New Zealand access to international developments in tertiary education and the results of projects undertaken for overseas tertiary education institutions.

New Zealand experience

Deloitte has worked with central government organisations including the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Advisory Monitoring Unit (TAMU), Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Treasury, and has undertaken a wide range of projects for the majority of universities, colleges of education, polytechnics and institutes of technology in New Zealand. Our expertise in tertiary education includes projects in:

  • Corporate finance and financial management 
  • Strategy and operational performance improvement 
  • Information management systems and technology
  • Business recovery and organisation redevelopment
  • Audit and risk assurance
  • Tax services

The list below is indicative of the scope of tertiary education projects undertaken in New Zealand.

Strategy and operational performance improvement

  • Facilitation of strategic / business planning 
  • Organisation and management restructuring
  • Reviews of business processes and operational performance
  • Benchmarking operating performance
  • Business recovery planning
  • Design of fees systems
  • Analysis of sector trends and issues
  • Funding systems redesign and review
  • Academic programme evaluation
  • Review of academic departments
  • Analysis of proposed alliances / mergers

Corporate finance and financial management

  • Appropriate capital structures and financial performance
  • Outsourced financial management 
  • Long term financial planning and modelling
  • Cash and treasury management policies
  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasting and modelling
  • Course and programme costs and profitability
  • Proposals for debt funding
  • Business case for capital expenditure projects
  • Selection of banking / financing packages
  • Review of finance / accounting departments

Information management systems and technology

  • Preparation of strategic information systems plans
  • Assistance with selection of student management systems
  • Review of business processes / systems for student enrolments
  • Assistance with evaluation and selection of financial systems
  • Implementation of financial / accounting systems
  • Budgeting, cash flow and forecasting systems

Other advisory services

  • Business risk analysis
  • Internal audit and review
  • Statutory, financial audit and review
  • GST reviews and FBT assistance
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Assistance with Crown / statutory reporting
  • Academic audits and reviews

How Deloitte can assist you

Deloitte has a network of partners, managers and consultants who have experience in assisting tertiary education institutions and advising Crown organisations and agencies. We have an education 'centre of excellence' in our Christchurch office, which enables us to:

  • Provide high quality assistance which is focused on the needs of the tertiary education sector and institutions 
  • Maintain an indepth knowledge of tertiary education institutions and organisations as teaching, learning and research centres
  • Maintain contact with tertiary education services provided by our international offices
  • Monitor developments in tertiary education in New Zealand and overseas

Contact Brett Chambers for more information.