How do I assess the risk and potential of a major acquisition in Turkey?

Suppose you are the CFO of a major service company and you are contemplating a major acquisition in Turkey. You detect a growing professionalism and ambition among Turkish entrepreneurs, in a fast-growing Turkish economy. Your experiences with joint ventures in Turkey are positive, but investing by acquisition is a venture.

The risks and opportunities of acquisition are still difficult to forecast, while the investment is substantial. What about the stability of the market?. Is it the right time to invest? How do you gain an understanding of the company you want to acquire?

At our Turkish desk in the Netherlands we help you with your consideration and the decision to do business in Turkey and the other way around. This is reliable and easy for you.

  • Advisory services in your own language, whether Turkish or Dutch
  • Specialist view of the opportunities and pitfalls arising from cultural differences between Dutch and Turkish business practice
  • One desk for all advisory services, consultancy, tax, financial advisory, accountancy and legal advice.