Dutch Tax Services USA

What should I keep in mind when investing in Europe?

The CFO of a leading American company: “We will expand our activities in Europe. Obviously this needs to positively influence our effective tax burden.”

“My colleagues told me the fiscal climate in the Netherlands is appealing, but its tax system is entirely different from the American one. So for us it’s tough to gauge the effects of the investment on our cash flow and effective tax burden.”

The tax lawyers of our Dutch Tax Services in New York help you decide on investments from the US in the Netherlands and Europe and the other way around. Check out our Dutch Tax Services and you will find the tax services you need to:

  • acquire a European or, vice versa, an American company;
  • limit the withholding tax on your dividends, interest and royalties;
  • optimise your American and European tax position by implementing international structures.

We execute our creative solutions quickly and effectively and follow through meticulously.