Capital allocation and performance management

Deploying your capital efficiently and responsibly

How much capital do you need to function responsibly and safely and how can you best evaluate this? Does it mean you comply with the national and international guidelines? Deloitte’s capital markets experts are unique in transforming your questions into the most profitable solutions for your company.

The practice

Each day, financial institutions or corporations are confronted with questions as to whether the capital available is sufficient and whether it is used efficiently.
After all, for banks and financial institutions the capital available is crucial to properly function as a business, and in the market. Supervisory bodies set increasingly stricter demands for the capital allocation and the risk management. Our experts cooperate with you to optimise your capital allocation process. We design, build and validate both the allocation and evaluation models, and the stress and economic scenario tests. We organise the process surrounding the use of these models and map the structure. This provides you with a clear insight into the risk weighted return. We make sure the entire process complies with the Basel 2 and Solvency 2 guidelines.

Depth and added value

Our capital markets experts have wide experience, both within and outside Deloitte, and worked at large financial institutions as professionals - in the capital management departments. We know the national and international regulations. This makes our experts uniquely familiar with your business and the specific issues you deal with.

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