Technology for effective business

The goal of technology is to simplify processes and make business goals more achievable. But with IT systems linking everything from supply chains to global intranets to knowledge management databases, complexity and risk can become the barriers to success in realising IT’s value to the business.

Every executive is challenged by prioritising business needs, managing budgets, and understanding the benefits of rapidly evolving technology solutions. The technology playing field continues to rapidly evolve. Deloitte’s practitioners are business advisors with deep technology skills.

Deloitte approach

Deloitte technology helps clients to identify and solve their complex business technology problems. Deloitte is a global Tier 1 provider of business technology services.
Our approach:

  • We advise on both business and technology
  • We are leaders in technology enabled business transformations
  • We deliver Business Solutions enabled by technology
  • We support clients across the entire spectrum from advisory services through to implementation
  • We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to business technology problems

As the world’s largest management consulting firm (source: Kennedy Information) we provide clients with the best practices and solutions in business technology. Deloitte has more than 26,000 technology practitioners globally.

Client Cases

For your inspiration we offer you some interesting client cases:


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Focus on

  • Business maturity model
    When organisations are on the brink of a major investment, the Business Maturity Model (BMM) helps to focus on those elements that really lead to improved performance.