Outsourcing advisory services

Are you achieving the full potential of outsourcing?

With the outsourcing and offshoring frenzy in high gear, some companies think success is just a matter of choosing a decent vendor, negotiating hard, and then throwing the business over the wall. Not surprisingly, that doesn't work very well.

Many companies today outsource the wrong processes to the wrong vendors in deals with the wrong structure. That is why Deloitte Outsourcing Advisory Services views outsourcing in a broader strategic context. Our experts know that implementing outsourcing systematically, can gain a sustainable competitive edge over those that remain stuck in the traditionally procurement mind set.

The outsourcing questions

According to Deloitte’s 2008 report on Outsourcing most outsourcing initiatives are motivated by cost and based on a “lift and shift” mentality, transferring poor processes to a service provider. Making the right outsourcing decisions requires answering questions such as: What to outsource? Whom to outsource it to? How to structure the outsourcing deal?

How do you get the answers right?

Deloitte experts from Outsourcing Advisory Services shed light on all areas of the outsourcing process. We strive to lead our clients through the maze and pitfalls that the current outsourcing landscape has become over the past years. As an independent advisor, Deloitte Outsourcing Advisory Services supports clients to outsource the right things for the right reasons and tap into the unrealized potential and lost opportunities to use outsourcing as a way to innovate.

Independent and complete Deloitte support

The complexity of the vendor and outsource options landscape requires careful selection and negotiation steps with all parties involved. An independent consulting firm such as Deloitte can act as a Single Point of Contact and support each of these steps and key activities. Because of our unique cross functional approach Deloitte OAS provides outsourcing an extra edge. Delivering a full-service consulting offering for outsourcing strategies is what we are all about.

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