Lean Six Sigma

The customer (internal or external) ultimately determines the value of a product or service. A process should therefore only focus on activities that add value to this product or service, making all non value adding activities waste (by definition). Lean Six Sigma is a structured and proven approach for process improvements which focuses on eliminating waste.

Continuous process improvement

Lean Six Sigma combines focus on the customer with a structured, process-driven approach, leading to measurable improvements. The organisation’s employees play an important part in these improvements as the architects of the new process. This makes Lean Six Sigma more than just a set of improvement tools, but also a way to create a (improvement) culture shift of the organisation.

We see that especially this culture shift creates a flow of continuous improvement, which enables organisations to continuously achieve successes in improving quality, efficiency and lead time. The combination of Lean Six Sigma with integrated performance measurement will enable the organisation to further monitor the improvements and control the process performance.

Deloitte approach

Deloitte has a large number of Black Belts and Green Belts that can help your organisation to transform processes in a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, local government, energy and manufacturing industries. Using for example our 5-workshop method, we can support your employees in the Lean Six Sigma approach and implementation.

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