Learning solutions

New way of learning at the workplace

Learning policies within organisations are undergoing major changes in response to new technology. The focus is shifting from classic formal and scheduled training to more informal and on-demand processes of learning, involving a blend of different learning methods. As new generations enter the labour market who have grown up with social and mobile media, the demand for increased flexibility will continue to rise. In an age of continual change and cutting-edge knowledge, organisations must have the capacity to rapidly respond to individual learning and development needs.

Challenges in staff training and development

As a result of all this, many organisations face major challenges in terms of learning and development:

  • What is the most cost-effective way of optimising learning within the organisation?
  • How can I incorporate informal working and social networking into my learning strategy?
  • How can I encourage my staff to learn and offer them valuable and attractive learning experiences?
  • How can we improve the integration of learning, performance support, on-the-job coaching, peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing?
  • How can I use new technologies to convey knowledge outside the classic learning environment?
  • How can I digitise large quantities of content for multiplatform delivery?
Your partner in learning programmes and learning strategy

Deloitte offers a wide range of services in learning and development. These range from developing customised programmes to ensuring that learning strategy and policy effectively match the organisational goals. In addition, we develop learning plans, provide advice on the most effective use of different learning methods and technologies and we can also implement them. We develop learning content and resources for multiplatform learning solutions, including classic and web-based training, serious games, mobile learning, social learning and performance support.

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