HR transformation

Radical improvements to your HR management

More than ever before, organisations need a robust HR organisation. As the dust settles in the wake of the global financial crisis, renewed economic growth is a key priority. But this growth remains threatened by unprecedented shortages in the labour market caused by an ageing population and a decline in the number of young people. These labour market shortages call for an HR organisation that is capable of playing a proactive role in strategy alongside the CEO, CFO, CIO and COO and can achieve rapid and effective results.

Challenges for (HR) management

Organisations need an HR organisation that can visibly, measurably and efficiently provide added value in achieving organisational objectives and improving the competitive position of the organisation. In the design of an effective HR organisation, the following questions play a key role:

  • What are the organisational objectives and what can HR do in order to help achieve them?
  • What developments are happening around us and how should we respond?
  • What HR policy is necessary in order to achieve the objectives?
  • How can HR assist in implementing the necessary organisational changes?
  • How can I ensure that my processes operate as efficiently and effectively as possible?
  • How do you implement new technologies in order to improve the efficiency of your work?
Your partner in the development and implementation of your HR organisation

Deloitte assists in the formulation of an HR strategy that is in line with your organisational strategy and supports the design and implementation of an HR organisation that is engineered to effectively realise that strategy.

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