IPSAS conversion services

Efficiently and comfortably converting to IPSAS

Deloitte can assist public sector organizations throughout the world with their IPSAS conversion activities. We provide competent, capable and timely advice and assistance on conversion.

Such advice and assistance can include:

  • Scoping the effort: outlining the scope of the task and identifying the critical areas that need to be addressed with higher priority.
  • Training the resources: helping to develop internal expertise through on-site or group training.
  • Executing the conversion plan: Deloitte experts can assist in key determinations, research alternatives, provide examples of treatments, as well as provide assistance in the conversion process considering both the accounting, financial reporting, and collateral areas such as IT and corporate finance for non-assurance clients.
  • Monitoring the process and controlling quality: Assessing the appropriateness of the selection of accounting principles as well as providing advice on the controls over the conversion process.

The provision of such advice may range from assisting with training and transformation advice at the chart-of-accounts level of detail to providing advice on the organization and management of the entire conversion process.
Deloitte can also provide assistance in the form of e-learning or instructor assisted training and development materials for boards, senior management, and accounting personnel.

Converting efficiently
By discussing with your Deloitte contact, developing a comprehensive plan that considers all the necessary activities, and obtaining the appropriate resources to execute that plan on a timely basis, IPSAS conversion can be an efficient process and a comfortable journey.

As one of the world’s largest professional advisory services firm, our resources are available worldwide, with support from world-class experts that are available to clients across the firm.

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