About Deloitte Research

Operating through a network of research professionals, senior consulting practitioners and academic and technology partners, Deloitte Research identifies, analyzes and explains the major issues driving today’s business dynamics and shaping tomorrow’s marketplace. From provocative points of view about strategy and organizational change to straight talk about economics, regulation and technology, Deloitte Research delivers innovative, practical insights companies use to improve their performance and gain competitive advantage. Learn more about the extensive knowledge of our Deloitte Research team through the links below.

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Deloitte Research team

  • Carl E. Steidtmann
  • Dwight Allen
    Director, Merger & Acquisitions, Deloitte Research
  • Ira Kalish
  • Jon Warshawsky
  • Kimiaki Kimura
  • Michael Raynor
  • Paul Lee
  • Peter Koudal
  • Robin Athey
  • William Eggers