Financial Services Industries

Financial institutions adapt: so do we

The credit crunch has destabilised the financial industry: the lack of faith in the worldwide financial system is unprecedented and new developments unfold every week. Not only has the landscape changed drastically, the market value of Dutch and international banks has dropped considerably, too.

These developments take place on the back of sweeping new regulations, increasing corporate governance demands, growing expectations of investors and the necessity of investing in IT to uphold competitiveness. In short, the motto is to accelerate prudently. The key to this is having a clear, strategic vision when leading the organisation.

This is where Deloitte can make a difference. Our specific expertise includes:

  • auditing institutions for
    • securities‑based loans
    • private banks
    • investment funds
    • pension funds
    • pension providers;
  • actuarial services;
  • pension consultancy;
  • risk management;
  • management and IT consultancy;
  • corporate finance;
  • capital & treasury consultancy; and
  • tax advice.

A few examples of our services are:

  • GIPS verification of investment funds;
  • securisation;
  • designing and implementing cost savings processes;
  • implementing Tabaksblat guidelines;
  • implementing IFRS guidelines; and
  • implementing risk management models in internal organisations of financial institutions.

Deloitte focuses on financial institutions in the Netherlands, encompassing banks, insurers and intermediaries, pension funds and investment funds. Our client portfolio includes the supervisory institutions, too.

Worldwide Deloitte has a leading position as auditor of major financial institutions. On top of that we have been declared the best advisory organisation in the field of securisation.


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