International Tax and Business Guides

The increasing number and variety of business transactions undertaken by companies in today's global economy create both challenges and opportunities. Whether you are a company that operates in multiple jurisdictions, or are looking to expand globally, having access to accurate and timely information on taxation and other business conditions is critical to your success.

Deloitte's International Tax and Business Guides help potential investors understand the investment climate, operating conditions, and tax system of most major trading jurisdictions. The Guides are supplemented by the Country Highlights series, which provide a quick overview of the tax landscape of more than 120 jurisdictions.

International Tax and Business Guides

  • Investment climate
  • Business and regulatory environment
  • Foreign investment
  • Choice of business entity
  • Corporate and individual taxation
  • Employment law


  • Corporate, personal and withholding tax, and select indirect tax rates and systems
  • Administrative and compliance requirements
  • Anti-avoidance rules
  • Business and financing climate
  • Local Deloitte contact

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