Large companies, corporates and industries

Acquisitions & disposals

  • M&A processes: we will assist you from start to finish when you consider buying or selling a company, a business or an activity.
  • Due diligence: when you consider buying a company or a business, our analysis will help you to avoid any bad surprises in terms of future profitability and/or liabilities. We can apply the same skills to perform a vendor due diligence, should you want to dispose of a company or a business. In due diligence mandates, we typically liaise with our colleagues from the tax (VAT, corporate and social) and human capital departments.
  • Valuation: when you consider buying or selling a company or a business, we will apply state-of-the-art models to provide you with relevant market value ranges, which we complement as appropriate with techniques such as Monte Carlo simulation. We also have a confirmed purchase price allocation (PPA) expertise.
  • Contributions in kind: we apply a professional and pragmatic approach to perform legally required reports related to contributions in kind.

Shareholder value enhancement

  • We believe that all stakeholders (owners, clients and employees) benefit from shareholder value creation. Our methodologies allow to identify key value drivers to enhance shareholder value and to define pragmatic action plans in that regard.
  • Corporate strategy: we act as an independent sounding board helping you to reflect on your overall market positioning and potential.
  • Management information systems (key performance indicators): we will define key indicators (financial and operational) allowing you to keep track of the most important variables which drive the profitability of your business.
  • Financial performance: we will analyse your profit and loss statement to establish ways to increase operating profit, i.e. to increase revenues and to reduce costs.
  • Balance sheet structure: the structure of your balance sheet and in particular the relative proportions of cash, current assets, equity, financial debt and current liabilities have a higher impact on value creation than most people would expect. We help you to define your optimal structure.
  • Debt advisory: should it be advisable to increase leverage or to improve the conditions of financial debt through a refinancing, we will conduct tender processes with financial institutions on your behalf.
  • Treasury health check: there are many ways to invest excess cash, but some ways will be better aligned with your overall corporate strategy than others.


  • Luxembourg stock exchange listings: should you consider listing bonds or shares on one of Europe’s most famous stock exchanges, we will assist you in all regulatory dealings and the compilation of your offering circular.