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Your challenge

Distribution strategy & Channel management

  • Clients are getting more and more ‘mobile’ and are expecting mobile services to be able to bank everywhere and everywhen
  • Clients are moving from a ‘single channel’ usage to a ‘multi-channel model’ and expecting a high level quality and integration between those
  • Clients are considering more and more opinions from others. How to integrate a social media strategy into my channel strategy ?
  • Increasing local and global competition on services offered on innovative channels. As a consequence, need to review some current channels to define new positioning and / or new required functionalities (ie. Branches, E-Banking, Mobile Banking, etc.)
  • Pressure on resources and efficiency objectives. How to build a distribution model focusing internal resources on added-value tasks and pushing low-value added transactions to self-service channels ?

Our solution

  • We offer a full or “pick and choose” range of services specifically designed to retain your current client base, acquire new customers and build an efficient distribution model:
    • Multi-channel strategy definition
    • Channel positioning with the other channels
    • Channel benchmarking and target positioning
    • Business case analysis and documentation
    • Channel functional and technical design
    • Channel implementation
  • Our product can focus on a particular channel, i.e. online banking, mobile banking on tablets, e-reputation etc.

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