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Your challenge

Sharia'a compliance review

  • Sharia’a compliance is the core and essence of Islamic Finance.
  • The Sharia’a compliant fund industry is facing big challenges; the very specific requirements needed to ensure that the fund remains Sharia’a compliant at all stages. Fund Structuring, Investment policy, the fund administration process (clearing and settlement, custody, bookkeeping, etc.) screening and purification, legal agreements.
  • Your challenge is to make sure that your Sharia’a Compliant Fund post launch will remain compliant with Sharia’a otherwise it will result in a negative impact on market reputation.

Our solution

Deloitte Sharia'a review team will help you to maintain ongoing Sharia'a compliance and increase market credibility. Our solution is to design, implement and test the Sharia’a review controls and substantive testing to assess the compliance with Sharia’a principles.
Our work program will include:

  • Examining the operational framework of the fund from a Sharia'a perspective
  • Evaluating the management controls and risk management
  • Testing the controls used for screening process
  • Reviewing the purification process
  • Reviewing the Zakat calculation

Our deliverables will be the assurance that the fund manager is complying with the Sharia'a standards, highlighting the risks.

This flyer is also available in German.

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