New ManCos’ responsibilities | Deloitte solution


New custodians’ responsibilitiesYour challenge


  • Market and regulatory demand for greater accountability and transparency are reaching unprecedented levels
  • With the constantly evolving regulations, you are not 100% comfortable that you fulfill all your obligations and responsibilities
  • You are wondering whether key responsible people in your organization are aware of all regulatory evolutions and impacts on your activities, depending or not on your products
  •  You need to convert heavy and risky regulatory obligations (UCITS IV, AIFMD, …) into a competitive advantage

Our solution

Deloitte offers:

  • A full or pick-and-chose service aiming at ensuring that you apply all necessary procedures to fulfill all your obligations :
    • Awareness workshops
    • Health check, comparing “as-is” to “as-should-be” situation
    • Benchmark, helping you to position yourself amongst competitors.
    • Based on these results, assistance to design your control and supervisory framework and further implement it.
    • Due diligence assistance
  • Its cross-functional expertise in the Investment Management industry

This flyer is also available in German.

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