Geneviève Biwer

Born 1958, Vannes, France


2009, photographs on aluminiumIn her Série bleue, Geneviève Biwer shows us the world seen through a kind of screen, as if in a dream.

Biwer attempts to compress reality to an artistic language, and in doing so, draws on cinematic influences such as Alfred Hitchcock or David Lynch: nothing actually happens, but the images are pregnant with the idea that something could occur.

Biwer quietly references our modern society, in which we are over-exposed to so many different influences, that we are rendered complacent, frequently experiencing life with what the artist describes as ‘a general[ly] obscure and almost abstract’ feeling.

The photographs are achieved through a delicate and time-intensive process involving double-exposures and layering of photographic plates, taken with a traditional analogue camera. Hundreds of photographs must be taken in order to ensure just the right result.

Biwer has exhibited extensively in Continental Europe, particularly in Luxembourg, Belgium, and France. In 2003, she published a book, Traversées, and in 2009, her work was included in the first ever Portfolio Night, organised by the Centre National d’Audiovisuel, Dudelange.


Works on loan from Nosbaum and Reding, Luxembourg