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Template of consolidated Lux GAAP annual accounts for commercial companiesOverall, consolidation rules in Luxembourg are strictly derived from 7th EU directive. While some countries have taken a stricter approach by adopting additional requirements, Luxembourg has adopted the minimum requirements as set out in the directive.

The attached document discusses the conditions, which if present, require the preparation of consolidated annual accounts, as well as the main possible exemptions. Furthermore, this brochure provides an illustrative template of consolidated annual accounts including balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, and notes to the consolidated accounts.

While this example does not purport to deal with all cases that may arise, we believe that it applies to most industries and service groups even though it might need to be further adapted in terms of layout and disclosures based on any specific activity or transaction of the group. The illustrative template of consolidated annual accounts not only complies with the minimum requirements under Lux GAAP, but also provides some additional proposed disclosures based on best practices.

This brochure is based on the company Law applicable at the date of this guide for groups that have decided to report under Lux GAAP (i.e. it is not intended or tailored for companies that opt for IFRS or Lux GAAP with some fair value options, nor does it anticipate any future amendment of the laws applicable to commercial companies).

Further, it does not apply to entities which are subject to specific laws, such as SICAR and SIF.

In this brochure you will find an oversight of the key consolidation requirements in Luxembourg, applicable to companies within the scope of the company Law.

We hope this brochure will be useful in the preparation of your consolidated accounts. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact the persons mentioned at the end of this brochure.

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