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Performance issue 8We would like to express our warmest welcome to the eight edition of Deloitte’s worldwide Investment Management digest for professionals, Performance.

Our Investment Management coordination team is exceptionally proud of the success this magazine has had in becoming a central exchange platform of information for our industry’s key actors.

Once again, we have increased the number of Deloitte participating practitioners but also and most importanty, our international readership. Thank you very much for your support, we could not achieve this without you.

For this foreword, we would like to devote some words on a key topic which we are currently facing: regulation and risk. We truly believe that pure and efficient risk management requires more than the regulatory compliance as a de minimis.

We do not consider that it is right to use risk management as a brand to maintain our investment vehicle’s attractiveness towards distribution. By this statement, we would like to say that nowadays a considerable amount of product ranges are linked to a regulatory definition (e.g. VaR funds or low SRRI rated UCITS).

We shall drive our industry towards an investor oriented mind-set and do all we can to re-build the trust between our industry and our investors. Investment management stakeholders must provide assurances that we have learnt from the past and that we want to implement a meaningful risk management framework for investment funds. Luckily, to put a positive spin on the situation, we can proudly say that our industry was not the worst in class in the financial sector.

In our humble opinion, investment management professionals must think carefully about what risk management means in today’s environment, what does it protect us from and what risks are we still exposed to. We should not blindly limit ourselves to implementing regulation following regulation without questioning the essence of risk mitigation: anticipating uncertainty of market evolution.

In this issue

Market buzz

  • Post-crisis asset management environment - Growth in deteriorating markets
  • Data quality in asset management
  • Asset management - New deal
  • Share class hedging - A market overview

External perspective

  • Challenges and opportunities in financial inclusion
  • White paper on pensions and IORP - Directive review
  • Achieving better international distribution
  • Qualitative fund ratings - A cross-border perspective

Regulatory angle

  • MiFID II - Key challenges for asset managers
  • Custodian responsibilities - The evolving role of fund depositary
  • The AIFMD for fund service providers - Taking a strategic approach

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Performance issue 8

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