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Performance issue 10Here we are, Performance is celebrating its tenth edition. Time has flown by and our global investment management magazine has come to be an established and unique publication of Deloitte Global.

Deloitte’s Global FSI Leadership has set the target for FY15: we must consolidate in Americas and EMEA and further grow in Asia Pacific. For the investment management stake, we will ensure that Performance will play a key role in the ongoing coordination of the investment management worldwide network at both Deloitte and client levels.

In this edition, we are happy to offer insight and perspectives on target operating models, cross-border rationalisation for UCITS, secure yield, private equity and real estate, AIFMD, extensive tax updates, IFRS 10, constant NAV money market funds and investment management regulation in China.

We would also like to take this occasion to invite our worldwide investment management clients to continue participating in our publication. Since the very beginning, we have greatly appreciated external contributions and pursue our objective to increase these contributions in 2013.

In the meantime, Happy New Year 2013 and thanks again for your support.

In this issue

Market buzz

  • Refining the target operating model - Increasing benefits from Lean and Six Sigma initiatives
  • Real estate senior debt funds
  • Embracing technology - A crucial element in transforming private equity and real estate business operating models

External perspective

  • Ongoing changes to regulatory regimes need to be understood
  • Cross-border master-feeder structures - A way of adapting your product development strategy to new market challenges

Tax perspective

  • The AIFMD - A regulatory directive with tax implications
  • Reclaiming withholding tax in France - Operational difficulties
  • New tax regulations for investment funds

Regulatory angle

  • Recent asset management regulatory changes in China
  • Consolidated financial statements and the control concept - Ten discussion areas for investment managers
  • Constant NAV money market funds under regulators’ spotlight - Breaking or not breaking the buck; that is the question!
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