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Your challenge

Delivering the right patient experience

  • Patient’s rights and obligations becomes an increasingly important consideration for health care providers especially in light of the regulatory and legislative changes impacting the sector. The new directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare and its transposition into national law reinforces the importance of the patient. The new national legislation needs to have been implemented by 2013
  • These changes imply an increasingly competitive environment which require from the health care providers to have a sound understanding of their patients’/ consumers’ expectations as regards personalisation, security, service providers, dependability, transparency in order to maximise the patients’/customers’ experience
  • This shall allow assistance to the patients/client in evaluating and selecting the adequate health care options; efficient clinical itineraries and employee engagement that translate into improved patients experience

Our solution

  • Definition of short-, medium and long-term strategies and associated roadmaps to deliver a customer experience corresponding to their service expectations and the increased cross-border comparison possibilities
  • Linking the organisation’s vision and strategy to tangible actions, objectives and goals
  • Capability assessments and identification of gaps that need to be closed in order to achieve the organisational vision (dimensions: people, technology and processes)
  • Performing comparative performance analysis to highlight deficiencies and key strengths that may significantly impact patient experience
  • Application of proven risk management techniques and methods to your environment
  • Support in setting up frameworks that comply with evolving regulatory requirements
  • Adaption of organisational structures to meet changes in governance and external evolutions
  • Optimisation of clinical processes and itineraries
  • Development and analysis of patient satisfaction surveys
  • Development of communication and marketing strategies in order to key initiatives and help position your organisation towards your customer base

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