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IFRSYour challenge

  • The concepts that underlie IFRS are different than that of LUX GAAP.
  • The amount of disclosure required under IFRS is greater than what is required under LUX GAAP.
  • IFRS is constantly evolving, and companies need to determine how to monitor and adapt to perpetual changes.
  • IFRS requires greater use of fair values, which leads to increased volatility in profit or loss.
  • Changed performance measures require re-consideration of contracts based on them.
  • Personnel shall be trained to comply with IFRS requirements, including staff outside the finance department.

Our solution

  • Deloitte Luxembourg is able to provide multidisciplinary services driven by quality.
  • These services can vary from a one-time effort resulting in knowledge transfer to a company’s organization, to an ongoing project resulting in long-term solutions.
  • Our service offerings include: audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS, IFRS implementation services, reporting advisory services, technical consultation and customized IFRS trainings.

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