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“If we don’t focus on the experience dimension of learning, we run the risk of mistaking the publishing of information for learning and training” - Elliott Masie

Your issues:

Course design and development

  • How do we motivate our people to learn and offer them attractive, fun and engaging learning experiences?
  • Moving away from the dominant corporate classroom, how and when can we use new learning technologies to get our learning content and opportunities delivered?
  • How can we integrate training, performance support, peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing?
  • How do we know if the course has had a positive impact on business objectives?

Our approach:

  • We identify the target audience for training programmes and define the relevant stakeholders, including management and learning professionals, and then get them on board
  • We carry out needs assessments to determine the current level of knowledge among the target audience
  • We analyse existing materials, current training practices and available feedback or legacy needs assessments
  • We confirm the instructional development process, roles and responsibilities to ensure a harmonised approach
  • We identify and confirm requirements in terms of learning objectives, learning delivery modes (e-learning, ILT, blended learning, mobile learning, etc.) and course duration, taking into consideration the approaches that will optimise learning outcomes
  • We develop the content outline for discussion and draft course storyboards and training materials (including presentation decks, e-learning scripts, job aids, instructor notes, activity hand-outs, etc.) with a view to adopting a fun and engaging approach
  • We create an evaluation framework for the course in order to measure results
  • We evaluate training sessions to improve quality constantly

Your benefits:

  • You work with experts in adult pedagogy to ensure the best practices in training methodology are used
  • Your team and Deloitte work together to select and deploy creative and innovative elements to help make things stick
  • Courses are designed with the right level of interactivity and media needed to engage and instruct your audience
  • Your value for money is ensured through implementation of comprehensive evaluation systems
  • Your effectiveness in learning will be enhanced through tailor-made and pedagogically sound curricula

Examples of deliverables:

  • Content development framework
  • Development of learning material for trainees and trainers
  • Evaluation framework to measure learning results

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