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A challenging environment

Integrated educational solutionsThe type of education needed in today’s society extends far beyond basic literacy and numeracy. Children, youth and adults need to learn critical thinking, writing, and communication skills. Adults need to renew their skills and continue their learning to be able to work in different contexts. More generally, societies need skilled labor forces with the capacity to learn and adapt to compete in today’s industries and forge the industries of the future.

While facing these new educational challenges, schools and other education actors must operate in rapidly changing and pressure-filled environments. They must cope with major societal changes including the information technology revolution, the ageing population and the arrival of new immigrant groups. At the same time, they are under heightened public scrutiny with the rise in importance of national and international ranking systems, and international comparative assessments.

Although societies must address these new needs, available educational resources have not increased and are unlikely to do so in the future. All these education actors face considerable budgetary constraints, exacerbated by recent economic crises. This limited availability of funds heightens the need to maximise impact and efficacy of individual policies and programmes and adapt established practices to future challenges.

To assist in address these challenges, Deloitte Luxembourg proposes a host of services to diverse actors in education and training projects. We leverage both in-house expertise and access to a worldwide network of top-rate international education experts. We also draw on the experience of education projects that have been implemented by the firm around the globe. This expertise – as well as our understanding of performance imperatives and external constraints – allows us to provide our clients targeted solutions.

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