Treasury and working capital optimisation


Your challenge

Treasury and Working Capital OptimizationMost companies have significant amounts of cash locked up in operations and can sustainably increase their profitability and company value by managing working capital more actively. The questions you are asking yourself are:

  • How to properly plan for cash flows and need for cash and what solutions to implement (bridge financing, credit lines, etc.)?
  • How to determine the potential for cash release?
  • How to successfully manage working capital requirements to undertake future projects?
  • How to improve the efficiency of your operational structure?
  • How to achieve a sustainable reduction in working capital?
  • How to improve cash flow volatility and working capital forecasting

Working capital is one of the few remaining areas which can deliver significant cash to the business in a relatively short period of time, without the pain that comes with large change or restructuring programs.

Our solution

  • We can help you by reviewing your organisation to identify and assess potential optimization in the working capital needs in close collaboration with management to include the commercial and operating perspective.
  • We base our analysis on a detailed review of the different cycle of each key factor: Account receivables, Account payables and Inventory to identify and quantify potential cash flow improvement and forecast cash flow evolution.
  • We can furthermore provide you with assistance in defining and implementing key indicators regarding the evolution of the performance and the working capital needs.

This flyer is also available in German.

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