Integrated Performance Management (IPM)


Your challenge

Integrated Performance Management (IPM)

  • Strategy does not relate to long term planning activity.
  • Budget process is an extensive exercise in guessing.
  • KPI targets, where they exist, are predicted on information that is not aligned to strategy.
  • Reporting struggles to analyse the vast array of data.
  • Forecasting has become a regular, mechanic activity rather than a dynamic intervention tool to deploy and align resources.
  • Increasing regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and PCN (“Plan comptable normalisé”).
  • Modernisation Directives are forcing improved controls, transparency and best practice.
  • You want to take advantage of the improved software capabilities.

Our Solution

  • IPM is a structured management approach for translating strategic objectives into operational results, through a lens focused on value creation.
  • IPM creates value by combining the power of technology, information, people and process through all stages of the management cycle, from planning and targeting to measuring and intervention.
  • We furthermore provide assistance in identifying KPIs that are aligned with the strategy.
  • Tailored to the size of the company, the complexity of the business and the intentions of management, our scope can be more or less large.
  • An IPM project is a collaborative exercise between Deloitte and the management. Deloitte contributes with the methodology and the expertise in the performance management area and management contributes with specific company knowledge, needs and visions.

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