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Generating momentum for recovery

Commercial real estate outlookFollowing sharp declines and painful deleveraging in the wake of financial and economic turmoil, commercial real estate (CRE) is showing signs that the deterioration of industry transactions and fundamentals has begun to plateau, and that early stages of recovery may be imminent.

Despite some encouraging activity, however, impediments such as looming debt maturities and high unemployment rates are causing uncertainty, dimming prospects of a robust, short-term rebound.

This report, the twelfth in Deloitte’s series on critical issues impacting CRE, takes a closer look at market trends and developments, with a focus on the outlook for recovery.

The top ten issues for commercial real estate in 2011 are:

  1. Current State of CRE: Prevailing uncertainty, as downturn defies expectations
  2. Lender Lenience: Impact of “amend and extend”
  3. Looming Debt: High maturities remain a challenge
  4. Deal Flow: Distress fuels modest revival in transactions
  5. Economy: Trajectory of economic fundamentals remains uncertain
  6. CRE Fundamentals: Fundamentals moderating, but recovery may be slow
  7. Real Estate Investment Trusts: REIT rebound continues
  8. Capital Markets: Lending stabilizes; demand subdued
  9. Regulation: Direct and indirect impact of regulation on CRE
  10. Globalization: Positive signs for global CRE

I hope you find Deloitte’s Real Estate Outlook and our “Top Ten” List informative and insightful. I would appreciate your comments, questions and feedback and the opportunity for me or our partners, principals and directors of Deloitte Real Estate Services to discuss our report with you.

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