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Covering the end-to-end private equity life cycleThe global investment management industry has been under tremendous strain in the past few years amidst an anaemic market recovery, increased regulatory pressure and waning investor confidence. The changing market saw investors becoming very cautious and demanding greater accountability and transparency than ever before.

Governments and policymakers crafted laws (AIFMD, UCITS V, Basel III, Solvency II, MIFiD, Dodd-Frank Act, etc.) ultimately aimed at ensuring a high level of investor protection, stabilising markets and avoiding a repeat of the recent economic disaster. Asset managers and service providers alike scrambled to update their operating models to adapt to the changing landscape.

In the face of this challenging financial climate, Luxembourg remained resilient. At the end of 2011, the country posted a record number of more than 13,000 sub-funds and net assets of over €2 trillion, exceeding pre-crisis levels. Interestingly, this growth, as in the past few years, was spurred by money flowing into funds with alternative strategies, including private equity, while funds in traditional asset classes, hammered by dismal performance, continued to decline.

We foresee that this trend towards alternative investments will continue over the next several years, perhaps until such time that the equity and bond markets will be back on track. With international private equity firms and service providers increasing their Luxembourg operations, we are optimistic that this will further develop the local private equity market and enhance the Grand Duchy’s notable reputation as a stable, competent centre for alternative investments.

Throughout the crisis and the development of the Luxembourg private equity industry, Deloitte Luxembourg remained steadfast and attentive, working alongside many private equity firms, custodians, fund administrators and other service providers and supporting them and their business operations in coping with new regulations and operational requirements. Supported by a vast array of international, multilingual experts throughout Deloitte’s global network, Deloitte Luxembourg is a recognised market leader, with a reputation for local and international service excellence.

We pride ourselves in our ability to consistently deliver seamless, integrated global solutions in tax, consulting and audit services. Our brochure will give you a comprehensive overview of our services, covering the end-to-end private equity life cycle from fund set-up, transaction advice, accounting and financial reporting to exit strategies. Our mission is to support you as your businesses evolve and innovate; and rest assured that, as with all of our services, our pledge and commitment is to serve you with high-quality end results in mind.

This brochure is also available in paper format.

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