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ContextHot accounting topics - For Real Estate and Private Equity

Although the different steps taken so far towards convergence between IFRS and US GAAPs have been positive with regards to accounting and reporting practices across the globe, the correct application of standards and interpretations can nevertheless remain a challenging exercise. The understanding and implementation of some rules can be quite complex, requiring increasing expertise and consultation on best practices, and the standards are constantly changing. Keeping up-to-date, finding the right information in the right format and at the right time can prove to be difficult and time consuming.

Key Issues

  • Ensuring your management, controlling and accounting teams have a sufficient level of knowledge and keep up-to-date so as to anticipate and respond to new requirements
  • Considering all relevant aspects including possible implications on tax reporting and on information systems
  • Appropriately monitoring the implementation of new Group accounting and reporting policies in multiple jurisdictions
  • How to prepare for the adoption of IFRS or US GAAPs

Our Services

Deloitte’s specialised teams in Real Estate and Private Equity can provide technical advice and assistance with regard to new accounting standards and reporting requirements. Our multidisciplinary teams include experts in accounting and tax matters, as well as audit and regulatory issues:

  • Outsourcing some accounting, reporting or controlling activities
  • Dedicated training covering accounting, audit, tax, or legal and regulatory aspects as required on selected hot topics, including customised case studies
  • Accounting advice or opinions on the interpretation of new accounting standards
  • Updates and hotline services to keep you updated and assist you in resolving specific issues if needed
  • Performing a Gap analysis between your current Group/local accounting rules and IFRS or US GAAPs

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